Handling Your Fire Protection Services

At Mid Atlantic Fire Protection in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we proudly provide our clients with a variety of services. Our fire protection services are designed for customers throughout the region. Whether you need us to install a new system or complete your pressure reducing valve testing, we are committed to delivering a quality result for every project for commercial and industrial sites.

Complete Services: Pressure Reducing Valve Testing & beyond

Keeping a space safe from fire starts with installing the right alert system. Because the threat of smoke and flame never truly goes away, it is vital to your safety that you choose a sprinkler system that stands up against anything. At our company, we focus on quality control and a strong attention to detail to design the right sprinkler setup for your space. We specialize in work with commercial, industrial, and government facilities, including the following locations:

  • Military Installations
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Office Buildings
  • Public & Private Schools
  • Universities
  • Churches & Retail Complexes

Turn to Us to Install Sprinkler Systems

Every location is different. When it comes to installing the right fire sprinklers, we encourage you to choose a custom option. At our company, our team combines our managerial and technical expertise to complete your new or retrofit project. You can trust us to perform an accurate preparation for your designs, specifications, and installation plans. Our staff is committed to making the right engineering recommendations to create of the highest quality for every job.

When you meet with us for your services, our skilled professionals bring more than 45 years of experience to your project. We use 3D modeling and other new edge technology to help service our clients. The process of “Concept to Final Product” moves smoothly, so the owner or tenant is in the building faster and at a lower cost. With the use of advanced 3D CAD and BIM Modeling design programs, our designers can interactively coordinate fire sprinkler design with other trades on the project to eliminate installation conflicts and expedite project completion.

Scheduling Your Fire System Inspection

Don’t let your sprinkler system wear down. From simple battery changes to major overhauls, our team offers a variety of maintenance services. We perform full fire inspectionsto discover the source for any issue with your sprinkler. In addition to our written reports, we offer helpful suggestions that may result in reduction of the client’s insurance premiums.

Contact our company in Virginia Beach, Virginia, to work with us for your fire protection services. We are available to perform a pressure reducing valve testing and other services for clients throughout Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland.