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Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

pipesA sprinkler system is the best method of fire protection for any business. Since there are so many different types of buildings, there are several types of sprinkler systems in Richmond, VA to suit them.

Wet Pipe

This type of system is the most common and stores water in the pipes at all times. That way, water is available to the sprinklers as soon as the sprinklers open, so the reaction to a fire is much faster. This sprinkler is cost efficient and does not require much maintenance overall.

Dry Pipe

The pipes in this system have pressurized air or nitrogen gas in them that is contained by a control valve. When a sprinkler head opens, the pressure lowers, the gas is released, and the water begins to flow through the open head. This system is ideal for businesses that have equipment easily damaged by water or where the water in the pipes could freeze.


This system is a combination of the wet and dry pipe systems. It has both air and water and requires two activation triggers to work so that the sprinklers only come on with a serious threat of fire rather than mechanical failure or a false alarm. When a fire is detected, a valve opens and lets the water into and out of the pipes. This system is good for businesses containing valuable items that can be damaged.


The deluge system has sprinkler heads that are open all the time and operate all at the same time. A valve will release the water once a fire is detected. This system is very useful if flammable material is spread over the floor and for industrial parks or places with many tanks.